Publishers Place, Inc. specializes in memoirs, close-to-true-life fiction and poetry with a special focus on stories that deal with the Mid-Atlantic Highlands region of the United States.

We operate a unique hybrid model that allows authors to share their stories with the world, stories the larger commercial publishers would have neither the time nor budget for.

This is how we are different.

We are not a vanity press; we’re a small, not-for-profit operation that believes in partnering with the author on book production costs. We strive for New York-quality works and expect the same commitment from our authors.

Each project is different and we are selective about the books we produce. If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email describing your book project, an explanation of how your project relates to our mission, as well as a brief summary of how you intend to market your book.

If your description interests us, we will contact you with a request for a sample chapter, outline, author credentials, and a detailed marketing plan. If, after reviewing this material, we feel your project is a suitable match for our organization, we’ll follow-up with you to¬† discuss publishing arrangements.

Thank you for your interest in working with Publishers Place, Inc.