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The Moonshine Maker

Boyd Smith

Moonshine and murders, a snake-handling preacher and an organ-playing ghost: story after story from backwoods Appalachia unfold across the pages of “The Moonshine Maker: An Appalachian Worldview,” by Boyd Smith. Smith, a native of Wayne County, West Virginia, began writing his recollections from the 1940s up to the present time by hand in large notebooks back in 1999. He worked with author Rose Sefton to dictate for publication his stories of moonshine making, grave digging, sitting in on Pentecostal snake handling services and army life in Germany.


Breakdown at Clear River

Eliot Parker

Cullen Brewer, starting quarterback for the Clear River College Cougars, discovers that his senior year will be far more exciting than winning a few football games. He is suddenly shocked when the body of his favorite wide receiver, Dane Antonelli, is found in a dormitory stairwell. He links up with Serena Johnson,a student newspaper reporter, searching for the truth behind Dane’s death. As they explore ties to coaches and college administrators, Cullen and Serena find themselves facing perils more dangerous than they ever expected.

Butternut Moon

Robin Ramey

An Appalachian adventure involving a girl, a dog and a ghost. Based on a true story of one family’s search to find itself and hold onto love amid wrenching change from a comfortable small-town lifestyle to living in a tent in a field in rural Virginia.



The Green Mountain

Tom Norman
Available Now

Have you ever wanted to take time off to contemplate where you’ve been and where you’re going? Have you ever wanted time to create, without the distraction of having to earn a living? Tom Norman left his Los Angeles job and moved to rural Oregon with his wife, Dawn, and his cat, Jasper. In a house overlooking the Illinois Valley and the Siskiyou mountains, he wrote nonstop for six months. This is his journal of that time.
Praise for The Green Mountain:
“An enticing memoir. Wry and lyrical. Tom Norman weaves poems, the history of ideas and adventures in the wild into an inviting tapestry. The Green Mountain moves crisply from one self discovery to the next.”

A.E. Stringer, Professor of English, Marshall University, author of Human Costume (Salmon Poetry)


Witness at Hawks Nest

Dwight Harshbarger
Available Now

A riveting story of friendship betrayed, love across the color barrier, and a whistleblower’s stand against corporate deciet and murder.


Twenty-five cents-an-hour jobs attract thousands of men, two-thirds of them black, to dig and drill Union Carbide’s Hawks Nest (WV) tunnel…at least 800, possibly over 1,500, workers die of acute silicosis in America’s worst industrial disaster. The company covers up the

Witness in the News:

Praise for Witness:

“Witness at Hawks Nest is a welcome addition to literature about that horrific incident. Harshbarger gives faces and voices to the victims – the men who dug the Hawks Nest tunnel and fell victim to one of the worst industrial disasters in the nation, and the families who loved them.”

Denise Giardina, author of Storming Heaven and The Unquiet Earth

“In the plain-spoken language of the people he writes about, Dwight Harshbarger has written a compelling tale of disaster and injustice. Harshbarger’s respect for the history and for the comman man shines through in Witness at Hawks Nest. What the book reveals is shocking and deeply relevant to our discussion of America’s future in the twenty-first century.”

David Huddle, author of Paper Boy, Only the Little Bone, and Glory River

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